Marine Tank Cleaning:
De-gassing the tanks for safe man entry
De-mucking of sludge from tank bottom
Removal of mud from ballast tanks
Hot work cleaning of fuel oil tanks by rafting method
Cleaning of Double bottom tanks
Cleaning of Cargo holds, Hatches
Cleaning of Engine Room bilges
Product change cleaning for product carriers
Leaking container area cleaning for container vessels
Industrial/ Oilfields Storage Tanks and Complete Refurbishing
Gas freeing the facility for demolition and reconstruction
Hot work standard cleaning for tank internal repairs
Cleaning of tanks for surface preparation
Cleaning of tanks and inlet outlet lines for product change
Cleaning of Desalination plants
Pigging out and internal pipe lines cleaning
Cleaning of Bitumen tank for product change or steel repair
Periodical cleaning of fuel oil tanks
Cleaning of terminal pits and underground tanks
Cleaning of clay filter, carbon filter and mud vessel
Waste Management:
(All Disposal activities carried out as per local regulations)
Disposal of oily sludge
Disposal of slop/bilges and oily waste water
Disposal of Ballast Mud
Disposal of damaged bulk carrier product
Disposal of non-hazardous waste
Disposal of sewage/gray water
Erection and dismantling of tower scaffolding in marine and industrial as per requirements
Erection and dismantling of hanging or suspended scaffolding
Erection of Ramps for tank top access
Surface Preparation and Paintings:
Hydro Blasting and painting of the vessel deck, tank internals, hull and accommodation area
High pressure washing and painting
Power tooling and painting
Sand blasting and painting
Surface preparation of oil field and industrial tanks
Internal coating of pipe lines and storage tanks
Equipment available for Hire:
Power Generators from 2.5 KVA to 1100 KVA
Welding Generators - Electrical Power Pack and Diesel Driven
Diesel Driven Tower Lights
Air Compressor
Cherry Picker (Man Lifts)
Hydro blasting Machines & Sand Blasting Pots
High pressure washing machines
Power Tools
Pumps with hose, etc.
Air conditioners
40 foot Trailer
Storage tanks 500 gal to 14000 Gal
Gangways and Gangway Support
Port a cabins
Drop Arm, Portable Toilets, Pontoons (Floating Barge)
Structural Steel and Pipe Fabrication:
(All Welding jobs carried out under IACS class approval and with certified welders(3G, 4G & 6G))
Structural Steel Fabrication for Industrial purpose
Fabrication of Pipe Lines for Oil Field companies
Ship Hull Repair and insertion of plates
Fabrication of Hooper, Bollards, Winch, Stanchion, cell guides and railings etc.
Fabrication and maintenance of vessel sea water lines, bilges lines, fire lines, fuel oil line, and air vent lines, deck scupper line and fresh water lines.
Hatches and ladders on main deck
Fabrication of vessel accommodation and super structure etc.
Fabrication of container, boat cradles, pontoons, gangways, storage tanks, ramp etc.
Hazardous Material Handling:
Hazardous Materials Handling
Spill Control and Contain (Any type of spill) Onshore & Offshore
Reworking of Leaking Containers as and when required at all U.A.E Sea Ports
Hazardous Waste disposal (As per DM regulations)
Ship Repair
Steel Works
Piping Works
Hatch Cover repairs
Hydraulic works
Cell guide repairs
Machining jobs, etc.
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